LabTrove Access At Risk Warning

This warning applies to all LabTrove instances that are configured to use OpenID authentication (login). LabTrove instances that use local database logins or LDAP logins are not affected.

The Problem

From 20th April 2015, Google will no longer support the older flavour of OpenID and installations of LabTrove that use OpenID will begin to lock out all users.

Our developers have created an update that migrates OpenID to the new OpenID Connect.

What to do about it - Southampton hosted instances

All instances of LabTrove hosted by the University of Southampton will be upgraded by 12:00 UTC on 22nd April 2015 and should be considered At Risk from 12:00 UTC on 20th April 2015.

After the update, any users using a Google ID to log in should be able to do so transparently as if nothing had happened.

Users using OpenID's from other providers (such as Yahoo or Microsoft) will no longer be able to login using these accounts. Contact us if you require help in this case.

Third Party Installations

Any installations not hosted by the University of Southampton will need to be updated by local administrators.

There is code in the Sourceforge repository that can be checked out (using SVN) but this is not yet a released bundle. Please look under lib/plugins/login_oidc/.

A new tarball and a new set of packages will be rolled out soon.

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